Janet Hansen artist

Britney Spears

RGB LED pixels mounted on a dress, partly concealed by sheer rhinestone mesh
RGB LED pixels mounted on leather harnesses for 16 backup dancers
Custom control hardware and software
Wireless DMX control


Janet Hansen was commissioned to create the lighting for several custom pieces of clothing for Britney Spears and her 16 backup dancers on the Femme Fatale tour.

During the finale song, "Til the World Ends", she wore a lighted dress containing several hundred smart RGB LED pixels that flashed in patterns simulating fire and lightning. The lights were mounted on reinforced panels that wrapped from the front of the body to the back, going over the shoulders.

For the dancers' costumes, lights were mounted on leather harnesses (non washable) worn over other pieces that could be washed daily.  The control electronics and batteries were concealed in pockets behind the straps and beneath the shoulder pads, depending on the costume.

These patterns were triggered by a wireless DMX signal coming from the master lighting console, allowing the effect to be revealed on many performers simultaneously.


The video sample below shows two flashing modes that could be displayed on the dress:  "lightning" and "fireball".


Other examples of Janet Hansen's wearable LED work can be seen at enlighted.com.