Janet Hansen artist

Dark Bubbles

Fabric panel with foam hemispheres, black mesh overlay
500 RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software
50" wide x 34" tall x 2" thick


This piece of illuminated textile art with embeded RGB LEDs is a variation on the Enlighted Comforter from 2017.  Instead of a faux fur cover, the lights in this piece are diffused by foam hemispheres, and covered with a sheer black mesh.  Black gemstones are hand-sewn at intervals between hemispheres, to hold things together, and to capture some reflections from the LEDs.

The light from each pixel illuminates a single piece of foam, so that light does not mix between neighboring pixels. The black mesh layer is doubled, and creates moiré effects from the interference patterns.

It can be set to play in a “demo mode” that automatically cycles through a variety of pre-defined effects, or you can use manual switches built into the panel to select a pattern that will play continously.  The brightness and color settings can also be controlled with an optional Enlighted iOS App.