Janet Hansen artist

Enlighted Echinoderm

Fabric overlays with holographic dots and sequins
RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software
16" x 16" x 5" thick


This piece is inspired by sea stars, sea urchins, and sand dollars, which are all part of the phyla Echinodermata, a category of sea animals with five-fold radial symmetry. Several types of RGB LED pixels have been mounted on a dome shape, and covered with fabric diffusing layers that also reflect ambient light.

The lights are arranged with five-fold symmetry, and are animated with repeating color sequences that produce a variety of hypnotic patterns and optical illusions.

When it is first powered up, the piece will run a repeating sequence that cycles between a list of modes, some of which are sound-reactive. It can also be set to run a single pattern continuously, using the built-in mode switch on the back panel or with the Enlighted iOS BLE App.


The video below demonstrates some of the animation patterns.