Janet Hansen artist

Enlighted Rings 8

Soldered metal rings, sheer black diffusing layer
~150 RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software
20" x 20" x 4" thick


This work explores the distinction between "artificial" and "natural." It uses advanced lighting technology, while also producing geometric patterns and colors that mimic natural phenomena, such as organic cellular structures and rainbows. The lights filling the circle are arranged with eight-way symmetry, and are animated with repeating color sequences that produce a variety of hypnotic patterns and optical illusions.

This is part of the Enlighted Rings series of wall-mounted mixed-media art with embedded RGB LEDs. The outermost layer is made with several sizes of silver-colored metal circles and D-rings that have been soldered into a shallow convex dome shape. A fabric diffusing layer is mounted behind the rings, and RGB LED pixels are mounted on an additional internal layer, with one LED aligned with the center of each ring. Some diffused light is also visible through the negative space between rings.

When it is first powered up, the piece will run a repeating sequence that cycles between a list of 10 modes, half of which are sound-reactive. It can also be set to run a single pattern continuously, using the built-in mode switch on the back panel or with the Enlighted iOS BLE App.


The video below starts with a demonstration of some of the sound reactive patterns (they are being changed remotely via my iOS App). The second part of the video shows some of the patterns that do not respond to sound.