Janet Hansen artist

Open Hexagonal Lattice I with Color-Shifting Frame

Animated RGB LED pixels
Digital archival print
Wood frame with plexiglas faceplate
9" tall x 11" wide x 3" thick


This piece plays with the effects of color-changing light on multi-colored pigments, and combined modern RGB LED illumination techniques with an abstract geometric design created by the artist in 1996 (see Open Hexagonal Lattice I for information about the original acrylic on canvas version).

While the Escher-esque impossible shape illusion is noticeable in the original, it becomes even more dramatic when viewed under sweeps of rotating color.

The LED light sources are built into the edges of the frame, and the custom control electronics are mounted behind the image (also inside the frame). 

This piece is part of the Color-Shifting Frame Series, which is also described on the linked blog page.