Janet Hansen artist

Psychedelic Fur Coat

Shaggy white faux fur, in the form of a full-length coat
Over 1000 RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software, including sound-reactive effects


This coat combines RGB LEDs with an outer fabric layer for a smooth diffused effect that lights up the entire surface. The lights are animated in a variety of colors and patterns that flow up and down over the body. Some of the effects also react to ambient sound, creating blacked-out regions or bright bars of light in the style of an audio spectrum analyzer.

The control switches are mounted behind the collar, and multiple battery packs are stored in pockets in the lining, in the back of the coat.  Depending on the battery life desired, you can use between one and four rechargeable packs simultaneously.


The clips below show some of the animation patterns, viewed on a live model, and on a mannequin from the front and the back.


Other examples of Janet Hansen's wearable LED work can be seen at enlighted.com.