Janet Hansen artist

The Rockettes

RGB LED pixels topped with crystal lenses, over 150 lights per garment
Mounted in black fitted jackets for 44 dancers (36 primary, plus spares and swings)
Custom control hardware and software
Wireless DMX control


Janet Hansen worked with the team at Radio City Music Hall in New York to design and produce these LED jackets for the legendary Rockettes.

Artistically, they wanted to display complex visual effects that could be synchronized with the music and the positions of the dancers, using real-time wireless control. The project also required quick costume changes backstage, a very high degree of durability, and washability (the electronics are fully removable).

The LED jackets made their public debut in September 2013, when the Rockettes appeared on an episode of NBC's "America's Got Talent." They were also used in a variety of live theatrical productions, including the "New York Spring Spectacular" in spring 2015, and the "New York Spectacular" in summer 2016.  


The debut performance on "America's Got Talent" is shown in the clip below.