Janet Hansen artist

Sit 'n Stares

These pieces feature grids of LEDs that are animated in a variety of color changing patterns, including hypnotic sound reactive effects that encourage the viewer to sit and stare at the lights while relaxing.

The original Sit ’n Stare panels were made in 1999, in the early days of the artist’s experiments with LEDs in costumes, props, and decorative illuminated objects. Back then, blue LEDs were not yet widely available or affordable, so the design used a more limited palette of red, amber, and green. The panels were built from custom 6” square panels with a tiling design, and produced in small quantity as 12”x12” and 12”x48” versions.

The updated version, Sit ’n Stare 2.0, was first created in 2019, using dense grids of RGB LED pixels that can produce full rainbows of color. The updated version was made as a limited edition series in three sizes: 16"x16",  9"x9" (mini), and 40"x16" (mega). The different sizes allow for different types of tiling in the animated patterns.

The sound reactive circuitry was upgraded to respond to seven frequency bands (instead of just the bass beat). The patterns can be selected with a manual switch on the back of each panel, or changes can be made wirelessly using our Enlighted iOS BLE App.