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Janet Hansen derives her art from a highly interdisciplinary technical background, as is evident in her precise geometric patterns and bold, yet carefully balanced, color choices.

Many of her abstract geometric works are executed in the hard-edge colorist tradition, meaning that uniformly colored regions are divided by sharp boundaries. She explores the interplay of shape and color through a variety of optical illusions and realities.

Janet's patterned pieces tend to be mathematical in origin. For example, the random triangular networks are derived from her technical publications in the field of biomechanics.

The rocket paintings were inspired by her work as an aerospace engineering consultant. Some of her more recent works introduce a degree of realism, although the palette remains pure and vivid.

Her major artistic influences include M.C. Escher, Piet Mondrian, Frank Stella, and Bridget Riley.

Janet also creates wearable art in the form of illuminated clothing and costumes. Her award-winning designs are worn by a wide range of international clients. www.enlighted.com





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