Janet Hansen artist

Illuminated Rings

These pieces of illuminated art, created in 2021-2024, combine a metal front layer with various diffusing materials and LED backlighting. Multiple sizes of metal rings have been soldered or welded together in a circular dome shape. Some are used with their original metallic color, and in some cases they have been painted.

The rings are hand sewn onto a fabric diffusing layer, and then attached to a second internal layer supporting the RGB LED pixels which are aligned behind the centers of specific rings.

The collection explores different geometric arrangements of rings - some are completely random, and some involve symmetric or repeating shapes. The color-changing lighting patterns are used to further emphasize this symmetry, creating hypnotic animated effects.

For Enlighted Rings 4-7, one of the modes has been color-coded with a sequence of blue, white, and red hues to show the changes in global mean temperature from 1850 to the present day, providing a stark visualization of the rapid warming of recent decades. The pieces in this set are programmed with patterns that will be synchronized with each other if they are turned on at the same time, or if a specific pattern is chosen with our Enlighted iOS App. Several of the animation options are also sound reactive.

For Enlighted Rings 8-13, the animation patterns emphasize variations on a rainbow palette. These pieces can be synchronized by powering them up together, or via Enlighted App control. Five of the ten pre-programmed effects are also sound reactive. All of the pieces in this set have D-rings around the outer edge, and the internal rings are arranged with 5-way, 6-way, 8-way, or 9-way symmetry.

Enlighted Rings 14-20 are similar to the 8-13 group, except the fabric diffusing layer is white instead of black.

Enlighted Rings 21 and 22 are constructed with similar materials, but with a newly designed LED controller that can display more complex flowing patterns, and can also perform a cross-fade effect between modes. These have been created as editions of three pieces each, with Rings 21 using a sheer black overlay fabric, and Rings 22 using a sheer white overlay fabric.