Janet Hansen artist

Illuminated Rings

These pieces of illuminated art, created in 2021-2022, combine a metal front layer with various diffusing materials and LED backlighting. Multiple sizes of metal rings have been soldered or welded together in a circular dome shape. Some are used with their original metallic color, and in some cases they have been painted.

The rings are hand sewn onto a fabric diffusing layer, and then attached to a second internal layer supporting the RGB LED pixels which are aligned behind the centers of specific rings.

The collection explores different geometric arrangements of rings - some are completely random, and some involve symmetric or repeating shapes. The color-changing lighting patterns are used to further emphasize this symmetry, creating hypnotic animated effects.

For Enlighted Rings 4-7, one of the modes has been color-coded with a sequence of blue, white, and red hues to show the changes in global mean temperature from 1850 to the present day, including the rapid warming of the late twentieth century.