Janet Hansen artist

Escape Pod

Translucent fabric structure made of sheer ripstop nylon and white organza
Supported by a stainless steel arched frame
1500 RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software

8’ x 8’ base, 5’ tall


This illuminated art installation is designed to transport you to another world, or help you hide from the troubles in this one.

At first glance, it resembles a dome-shaped rescue vessel that has been launched from a larger spaceship. It sits on a hexagonal foundation, with six curved metal supports that rise from the corners and meet at the center top. The structure is decorated with a triangular grid of RGB LED pixels embedded within a translucent white fabric cover.  

When viewed from the outside, each light has a star-like appearance created by overlapping layers of organza. The lights are animated in a variety of colors and patterns, including a series of sound-reactive effects.

The piece can also be enjoyed from the inside, by lifting one of the lower flaps and crawling underneath. The reflected internal light creates an immersive environment suitable for dynamic color therapy, relaxation, or whatever form of "escape" is needed. A mirrored ball hanging in the center adds a festive touch.

In October 2017, it was first exhibited as part of an installation at Youtopia with the Big Ball o' Mike's Cups.


The videos below show the Escape Pod in a few different modes, viewed from outside and inside the Pod.