Janet Hansen artist

Youtopia 2017

Installation of the Escape Pod and Big Ball O' Mike's Cups, with synchronized lighting patterns
La Jolla Indian Campground
Pauma Valley, CA

October 2017

These two pieces were installed at "YOUtopia or DYStopia - Spectrum of Reality 2017," a San Diego County regional Burning Man event.

The ball was hung from a tree branch near the Escape Pod, so that participants could view the two pieces together. If they crawled into the interior of the pod, the mirrored ball hanging in the center served as a reminder of the ball outside.


The clip below runs through the full cycle of 20 animation patterns, running each pattern for 30 seconds.  For some patterns, the software is the same for both the ball and the pod (aside from pixel mapping differences), and in some cases the parameters have been adjusted to make them work as a paired set, but without being identical.