Janet Hansen artist

Dark Hexagon

Hexagonal soft panel decorated with foam hemispheres,
sheer black fabric, rubber gaskets
84 RGB LED pixels, individually addressable
Custom control hardware and software
19" wide x 16" tall x 3" thick


This hexagon has LED spacing and packing that is similar to the Enlighted Comforter, but rather than obscuring the light boundaries between RGB LED pixels with white fur, the boundaries in this piece are emphasized.

Each pixel is associated with a single foam hemisphere, creating a rounded area with relatively uniform light. The sheer black overlay fabric is hand-stitched in place, with a black rubber gasket acting as an additional outer boundary to each pixel. This emphasizes the low resolution nature of the light patterns, and the interplay of varying color and brightness between adjacent regions.

The piece is animated in a variety of twinkling patterns and effects, including some that illuminate individual pixels randomly, and others that highlight the geometric symmetry.


The clip below demonstrates some of the animation patterns.