Janet Hansen artist

Enlighted Lotus

Fabric overlay with embedded animated RGB LED pixels
Custom control hardware and software
24" x 24" x 3" thick


This work uses RGB LED pixels aligned behind petal-shaped windows to create a variety of pulsing and spinning effects in a geometric layout of lighted regions. A black neoprene layer serves as the opaque portion of the stencil, and light shines through windows created with a white velvet fabric with holographic polka dots. A layer of polyester behind the fabric adds thickness while also diffusing the internal lighting. The piece is attached to a stretched canvas base to facilitate hanging it on a wall.

When it is first powered up, the piece will run a repeating sequence that cycles through a list of five modes. It can also be set to run a single pattern continuously, using the built-in mode switch on the side of the frame.


The video below demonstrates the animated effects.