Janet Hansen artist

Framed Comfort 1

White faux fur and other diffusing materials
Animated RGB LED pixels
Custom control hardware and software
36" x 36" x 4" thick


This work combines soft fabrics with soothing color-changing animated patterns. Sections of white faux fur and other diffusing materials have been pieced together in a circular design with 8-way symmetry. RGB LED backlighting is aligned behind these regions, and the whole assembly is mounted on a stretched canvas with a wooden frame.

Some of the sewn shapes resemble a carpet of sea anemones, and some of the programmed effects are intended to imitate the colors and wave motion of the ocean.

This is a more complex version of the original Enlighted Comforter, which used a single continuous piece of faux fur as the diffusing layer. This work also has some similarities to the Enlighted Rings series, but instead of sharply defined shapes made of metal rings, the boundaries of the regions are fuzzy, literally.  

When it is first powered up, the piece will run a repeating sequence that cycles between a list of 8 modes, half of which are sound-reactive. It can also be set to run a single pattern continuously, using the built-in mode switch on the back panel.


The first video below demonstrates all of the patterns running in a quiet room. The following videos demonstrate some of the sound reactive patterns, showing how they respond to different types of music.