Janet Hansen artist

Growth I & II

Acrylic on canvas 
2 panels, each 24" h x 24" w 


These panels illustrate a Voronoi network before and after being subjected to spatial changes that are analogous to growth in cells of a biological material.  The first panel is more random, and contains polygons with a broader distribution of sizes and shapes.  The center point of each polygon (found by intersection of lines perpendicular to its edges) does not necessarily lie at the centroid of a cell. 

The second panel has been modified by a mechanical "relaxation" procedure in which the center defining point of each cell is moved to the centroid of that cell.  The areas of these regions are more uniform, and they resemble a living system in which the expansion of each unit is limited by its immediate neighbors.

The regions are painted in a hue-shifted color circle, using six colors that lie between the six primary and secondary colors.