Janet Hansen artist

Hex Box 1

Fabric-wrapped cardboard structure
Animated RGB LED pixels
Custom control hardware and software
20" x 17" x 4" thick


This piece is a hexagonal box divided into triangular and diamond shapes which have been constructed with cardboard and wrapped in a white velvet stretch fabric with iridescent holographic micro dots. The grain of the fabric is rotated in adjacent pieces so that the reflections on the dots will vary depending on viewing angle.

The fabric on the front face of each shape is backlit by an RGB LED pixel inside the box, creating a uniformly lit region due to the gap between the light and the front surface. The lights are independently controlled, and are lit up in color changing effects that amplify the illusion of depth in the piece.

When it is first turned on, the program will cycle through a sequence of three animation effects, running each type for 1 minute at a time. A single operating mode can also be selected using a manual mode switch built into the piece.

The geometric design is inspired by Open Hexagonal Lattice I, an acrylic painting made by the artist in 1996. 


The video below demonstrates the animated effects in a series of shorter 30 second clips.