Janet Hansen artist

Revolving Rainbow

Animated RGB LED pixels
Digital archival print
Wood frame with glass faceplate
9" x 9" x 1.25" thick


This piece plays with the effects of color-changing light on a multicolor printed surface. The RGB LED light sources are built into the edges of the frame, and the custom control electronics are mounted behind the image (also inside the frame).

As the light color changes, the printed image appears to move and change. The graphic used in this case is an abstract geometric design created by the artist in 2001 (see Anxiety for information about the original acrylic on canvas version). The rotating lights have a calming effect, so the name has been changed for this mixed-media version.

The piece is powered by an AC adapter with a 6' black extenson cord, with an inline on/off switch about 1' away from the end with the frame.  A small mode switch is built into the back, allowing the light effects to be changed between these settings:

1) Continually revolving rainbow, full brightness
2) Revolving rainbow alternating with single color sweeps, full brightness
3) Revolving rainbow, 1/2 brightness
4) Rainbow alternating with single color sweeps, 1/2 brightness
5) Revolving rainbow, 1/4 brightness
6) Rainbow alternating with single color sweeps, 1/4 brightness

The single color sweeps show how dramatically the background image is affected by the projected light.


The video below shows mode 2 in the list above. It starts with the revolving rainbow effect, followed by sweeps of light in a series of different colors, including white, aqua, blue, gold, red, and green. It then returns to the revolving rainbow effect and repeats the sequence.