Janet Hansen artist

Science Is Real

Fabric-covered assembly of square tiles
RGB LED backlighting
Custom control hardware and software
56" x 32" x 2"


This piece, designed and built mid-pandemic, celebrates the value of evidence-based research with a simple message: Science Is Real. The artist found it therapeutic to build this piece during a time when far too many people are ignoring the recommendations of highly-trained experts, and falling victim to fear-mongering scammers and conspiracy theorists. It should not be controversial to be pro-science, pro-medicine, and pro-vaccine, but here we are.

The letters are built as individual square tiles (similar to those used in a Scrabble game) and arranged in a grid that is read horizontally and vertically.

Each region is illuminated with RGB LED backlighting, and the lights are programmed in a variety of animation patterns, including a moving rainbow and a few speeds of twinkling effects.


The clip below demonstrates some of the lighting effects.