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Unveiling Creativity

I was invited to present a piece of my LED art in Unveiling Creativity: Art as Conversation. This group show explored art as an ongoing process of creation, from the first moments of inspiration to the time when a viewer responds to the finished piece. Community participation was encouraged in a series of thought-provoking programs and events related to making art, discussing the work, and viewing the exhibition.

The exhibit included a range of mediums, including collage, fiber, assemblage, and painting. My submission was a faux fur LED bolero. I explained the connection to the theme in the following artist's statement:

Creating art with LEDs is exciting to me because it uses so much new technology. Blue LEDs are a relatively recent invention (< 30 years ago), and without them, we wouldn’t have RGB LEDs, which make it possible to create any color in the rainbow. There are electronics inside each pixel that are also very recent (~10 years), and these make it possible to change the color of each pixel independently. The cost of the pixels has dropped to a point where it is feasible to fill in the whole surface of a garment with light. The controller that is calculating all these patterns in real time is also very recent (~5 years). 

The show ran March 20 through May 15, 2024. There was a reception on Saturday, March 24, from noon 2pm.

Front Porch Gallery
2903 Carlsbad Blvd
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Gallery Hours
Wednesday - Saturday 11am -5pm
Sunday noon -5pm

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