Janet Hansen artist

Sit 'n Stare 2.0 Mini

RGB LED panel with grid of 16x16 pixels
Custom control hardware and software
Wood frame with black diffusing layer and glass or plexiglas faceplate
9" x 9" x 1.25" thick


This framed electronic light panel is designed for sitting and staring. It can be used as a visual meditation aid, as decorative mood lighting, or as a part of a music-listening experience.

The RGB LED pixels are animated in a variety of hypnotic geometric patterns, many of which are also sound-reactive. The animation mode can be selected with a manual switch on the back of the frame, or with the Enlighted iOS app, which also allows customization of the colors.

This piece is part of a series - please follow these links for information about the other sizes of Sit 'n Stare 2.0 and the original Sit 'n Stare.