Janet Hansen artist


These pieces contain large grids of RGB LED pixels attached to flexible fabric surfaces that can function as blankets, carpets, or wall hangings. Several different types of materials are used as diffusing layers over the LEDs, including a sheer ruffled fabric, a shaggy white faux fur, and foam hemispheres with black or white sheer organza overlays.

Magic Carpet (2016) and Enlighted Comforter (2017) were made in response to the improved availability and falling cost of pre-made pixel strings. Just a few years prior, the same effects would have been prohibitively expensive to achieve with older technology.

Light Bubbles (2021) and Dark Bubbles (2021) are variations made with foam hemispheres above each of the pixels. These pieces required intensive hand-quilting work, which turned out to be a good way to fill the time during pandemic shutdowns. 

The Enlighted Comforter also led to the Psychedelic Fur Coat (2018), which is essentially a wearable version of the Comforter. Both are made with RGB LED pixels with 5cm spacing, and both are covered with the same shaggy faux fur.