Janet Hansen artist

Illuminated Objects

These pieces are artistic experiments conducted over the past ~20 years that do not fit neatly into the other categories. They demonstrate Janet's tendency towards remixing techniques and themes as new materials become available.

The oldest in this category, Tornado (2002), is made with animated white EL wire. Space Toy (2005) uses many different colors of traditional (single-color) LEDs to achieve pulsing and color changing effects.

The rest are made with more modern RGB LED pixels that are individually addressable. Sound Bar (2014) and Rainbow Giraffe Pillow (2014) were two early projects that embedded these pixels in home decor items, and controlled them with a sound reactive driver.

Dark Hexagon (2018) is a wall hanging with similarities to both the Comforters series and the Enlighted Rings series. It uses foam hemispheres to diffuse and isolate the light coming from the LEDs, emphasizing the boundaries between them as if they are distinct pixels in a low-resolution graphic. The Spherical Houseplant (2021) uses the same foam hemispheres in a 3D arrangement.

Science is Real (2020) adds text-based commentary to the mix, with an assembly of illuminated boxes inspired by Scrabble tiles.

Triangulation (2021) explores hexagonal tiling and kaleidoscopic effects similar to some of the patterns in the Comforters, but in a 3D form that can also be physically manipulated into a range of shapes.